David Levesley is a journalist mainly focusing on the intersection of cultures and culture. He has written about hook-up apps, queer equality, opera and animation for the Guardian, the Daily Beast, the Independent, the BBC, Vice, Slate and Mic among others. A former Facebook News Curator, David now works as a Social Media Producer at Sky News helping to create video, graphics and other content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and more.

When he’s not covering the arts, David likes to make theatre: he has produced profitable tours with award-winning theatre companies across the UK, and staged his own work in London and New York.


#SpendingReview Banter

The Spending Review is always crammed with statistics, numbers and big announcements, but it was also stuffed to the brim with absolutely exceptional insults. Here are some of Osborne, McDonnell and Bercow's finest jibes.

Posted by Sky News on Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The First Underwater Contemporary Art Museum (Sky News)

Underwater Statues Of Refugee Crisis

This is the world's first underwater contemporary art museum

Posted by Sky News on Tuesday, 16 February 2016

James Bond’s Spectre Aston Martin Sells At Christies (Sky News)

James Bond's Car Sells At Christie's

A James Bond fan was stirred (not shaken) to spend millions of pounds on this car from Spectre

Posted by Sky News on Friday, 19 February 2016

Bristol Zoo Welcomes Baby Gorilla Born By Caesarean (Sky News)

Baby Gorilla Born By Rare Caesarean

A baby gorilla has been born via a rare caesarean section at Bristol Zoo Gardens

Posted by Sky News on Monday, 22 February 2016

Selected Playwriting Credits

David's writing credits are below. For examples of his process as a director of his work and as a writer, his experiences with his new writing are documented on City & Seaside's blog, a writing collective he formed with Cathryn Turhan.

For more information on his official stage adaptation of Evelyn Waugh's Vile Bodies, go to the show's production blog.

Selected Writing Credits

FML The Musical- 2011- Warwick Arts Centre Studio

Vile Bodies- 2012- Victoria & Albert Museum/Warwick Arts Centre Studio

Metaverse- 2012- IATL Studio (part of the Edward Bond@50 Celebrations)

'Religion and Politics Intertwine' segment for 'Fascism Anyone?'- 2013- IATL Studio (part of the IATL Student As Producer Fund)

Cinderella The Opera (Rewrite of Rossini's La Cenerentola)-2013-Warwick Arts Centre Theatre (revived for an April run.) Won 'Best Musical/Opera' at Warwick University Drama Collective Awards and 'Best Event' at the Warwick University Society Awards.

The House Beautiful- 2013- The Humanities Studio Warwick University. Nominated for NSDF writing ensemble for the play.

Garden Variety- 2013- Little Zelda Cafe, Brooklyn

Reviews of David's writing

"FML has a huge amount of potential, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it were to go on to bigger and better things. Pastiching theatre of all forms and taking a tongue-in-cheek look at university life, Levesley’s script left not one audience member stern-faced." ~ (Dan Hutton, theatre blogger)

"Vile Bodies was superb, it is the definition of amazing student theatre." (Anna Laycock, theatre blogger)

"The new translation, by Jones and Warwick’s seasoned and multitalented David Levesley (founded on an earlier version by John Aldis), hits the solar plexus of student humour… A Cenerentola just full of ideas, fizzing energy and incredibly funny (no pictures can do justice to its sheer explosive impact)." (Behind The Arras)

"The script was witty, representative of widespread culture and had the audience in stitches on countless occasions. Cinderella has truly made opera accessible to all and gets rid of the negative stereotypes that surround the art form" (The Boar)

Selected Acting Credits

Chorus/Zeke- High School Musical 1/2- 2007/2009- Pier Theatre Bournemouth/De Le Salle Theatre/Layard Theatre (for Theatre 2000)

Monsieur Thenardier- Les Miserables- 2008- The Regent Centre Christchurch (for Theatre 2000)

Eros/The Clown- Antony and Cleopatra- 2011- Warwick Arts Centre Studio dir. Josh Elliott & Clare Byrne

Mamet- Potato- 2011- Warwick Arts Centre Studio dir. Ben Borowiecki

Zeus- Innocent and the Thunderbolt- 2011- Milburn House Warwick University/Cox’s Yard Stratford-Upon-Avon (for Ginterval) dir. Clare Byrne

Maurice- Beauty and the Beast- 2012- Warwick Arts Centre Theatre dir. Alastair Hill

Hector- The History Boys- 2012- Warwick Arts Centre Studio dir. Rupert Hands

Ensemble- The Improvised Musical 2012/13- Warwick Arts Centre Studio dir. Robert Kelly

Albert Godby- Still Life- 2012- C Aquila, Edinburgh Fringe (for Dead Posh) dir. Steve Dineen

Volunteer Actor/Stage Manager- YouMeBumBumTrain 2012- Stratford, London

Malvolio- Twelfth Night- 2012- Warwick Arts Centre Studio dir. Matt Bent

George- Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf- 2013- Humanities Studio Warwick University (for Dead Posh) dir. Katharine Farmer

Acting Ensemble for Columbia's MFA in Directing 2014-2015

Reviews for my acting

‘Hilarious’ (The Times)

‘The most compelling and engaging actor is cast as ticket inspector Albert; I enjoyed his appearances immensely, and seethed with secret resentment towards Alec and Laura, whose self-obsessed moping so often interrupted Albert’s much more gratifying tale.’ (Fringe Guru)

‘The peripheral characters of salty Albert (David Levesley) the station master and tea shop owner Myrtle… …their nascent flirtations steal every scene.’ (The Skinny)

“David Levesley was born to play the loveable Hector (though how complimentary it is to say someone was made to play a kiddy fiddler I’m not sure… but trust me:it is a compliment). He dramatised the character in a much more dynamic way than an older actor would have done, breathed a new life into a character I thought I knew so well.” (The Boar)

Producing Credits

The Pillowman– 2012- Warwick Arts Centre Studio

Feelings Are Weapons That Can Kill– 2012- The Loft Theatre Leamington

The Found Monologues– 2012- Site-Specific Venues on Warwick University Campus

The Babysitter– January 2013/March 2013- The Writers Room, Milburn House, Warwick University/Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough (for NSDF 2013), Pleasance That (Edinburgh Fringe 2013)

The Shape Of Things– February 2013- Humanities Studio, Warwick University

Capital– May/June 2013- Warwick Arts Centre Studio

Orphans– June 2013- Warwick Arts Centre Studio

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